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Honey that tells its story



From the mounts and meadows of Tunisia, comes a precious Honey. 


Far from all aspects of industrialization, beekeeper has the delicacy of attributing names to his beehives according to the bees' behaviors and « emotions". Soft, aggressive, productive ... each hive has its character and its charisma.


The relationship between this man and the earth is unchangeable. We are presenting here honey that talks itself about its history and values. As it is produced in small quantities by local beekeepers, it is traceable and now, all the story is yours. 

Thus, AKAL is brand of a luxury and reachable honey.

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How honey now is traceable? 

Have you ever wondered if that the honey that you've just bought is pure honey? It's too hard to tell unless you know the story behind it...


Today it's possible through cutting-edge technology, a Precision beekeeping platform that helps to gather most of the beehive's and beekeepers' data. 


In fact, our beekeepers' community is mainly using the SmartBee platform developed by BEEKEEPER TECH W.L.L

Using the SmartBee devices, beekeepers will have real-time access to their Beehives' GPS location, the health of the colonies.  


Once the honey is harvested, the last step will be the honey's laboratory testing to verify the purity and quality of the honey. 


Connect with your beekeeper

We are working to empower beekeepers that aim for quality and bees preservation. That's why, we are happy to share, not only their honey but also their stories.. 


Our beekeepers' community has the privilege to be part of the AKAL Premium Honey's Brand.


This is the first platform worldwide to connect you with your beekeeper that he's offering you, pure honey, with full access to many specific pieces of information such as the Location, Certifications, the Honey's analysis, and the beekeepers' story. 


Maryam Al-Sharni has a master’s degree in marketing, and worked in one of the largest oil companies for 8 years, during which she was able to quickly climb the career ladder. However, this was never her dream... In 2016, Maryam resigned from her job to start raising cows and bees. To fund her project, she sold her car without any regrets. 

The first season was disastrous with the loss of many hives and the yield was bad but Maryam does not quit... she restarted the beekeeping apiary with 30 hives and by the end of the second year, she managed 100 hives...

It was the first great success...

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Hamza is a passionate beekeeper who is managing a150 beehives apiary. It all began when he left school to support his family when he was still young... He started with a few hives and beekeeping was not the main income stream but.. he fell in love with bees...
Hamza begin to be part of the beekeepers' community in his city and was obsessed with learning all kinds of new beekeeping practices that he can found on youtube or anywhere else.
When SmartBee platform was released in the market, he was one of the first early adopters. He is always trying to produce the best honey's quality, to have strong and healthy colonies, and to get access to the latest beekeeping technologies.. 

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